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Five Minutes HR Trainer For Supervisors and Business Owners
Price : $49.99

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Occupational Outlook Handbook
2012-2013 Digital Editions
Price : $8.99

Customizable Employee Handbook for Small Businesses and HR Department Added Feature- Employee Orientation Checklist
Price : $8.99

EEO-1 Filing Made Easy
A Complete Step By Step Guide
Price : $8.99
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  • Five-Minute HR Trainer for Supervisors and Business owners

Are you a business owner or a supervisor? Do you have the skills and training to handle complex HR legal issues ineveryday dealings with employees? If not, any mistake on hiring, termination, recordkeeping, FMLA, sexual harassment, or Reasonable Accommodation and Job Applicants could turn into abad publicity, and expensive legal nightmare.

Five-Minute HR Trainer is the easy way to deliver valuable human resource management skills and knowledge thatclose the door of litigation.ForHR Professionals, supervisors and/or business owners – the laws are changing by the years- the need to update skills to match current realities within the profession is imperative. Train-the-Trainer: Train supervisors in over 70 HR topics and best practices that make for a healthy work environment and productive employees.

Order your copies- put it to work in your organization and end worrying! Train Supervisors on the following Essential HR Topics and More

  • Recordkeeping Requirements
    Everything you need to instantly train supervisors: Such as- How to fill Form I-9, OSHA Forms: How to fill OSHA Forms, EEO-1 filing process: How to fill the EEO-1 Survey, How to Handle TNC in E-verify
  • Legal Issues in Hiring- anti-discrimination laws
  • Sexual harassment training, workplace discrimination training

Complying with EEOC Guidance on the use of Arrest Record in Employment Decision, A Guide to E-Verify Enrollment and Use: Especially for Federal Contractors, Employment Laws Impacting the Hiring Process, Employment at Will – Some Exceptions etc.

  • Pay Issues-The Fair Labor Standards Act, FLSA Provisions Comprehensive Guide

Minimum Wage and its Component, Deductions, Tipped Employees, Tipped Credit, Hours Worked and its Components, Suffered or Permitted, Waiting Time, On Call Time, Meal and Rest Periods, Regular Rate Exclusion, White Collar Exemptions, Workers Misclassification: Independent Contractor vs. Employee, Section 530 Relief Requirement for business under IRS Audit, Voluntary Classification settlement program, VCSP etc.

  • Personnel Issues-Family and Medical Leave Act Provision

Qualified Leave Entitlement, Medical Certification and Notices, Sexual Harassment: Mitigating the risk of liability in sexual harassment suit/claim; how to conduct workplace investigation; Five Termination Mistakes Employers Could Easily Avoid, 10 Reasons to Choose Mediation in Resolving Workplace Charges, etc.

Performance Appraisal – Key to employee motivation

Steps of Effective Performance Evaluation/Appraisal, Strategies and Techniques, Continuous feedback, Legal Considerations, Methods of Performance Evaluation/Appraisal System, etc

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012-2013 Edition is one of the publisher’s of the Occupational Outlook Handbook on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labors Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Occupational Outlook Handbook(OOH) is a career guidance resource offering information on the hundreds of occupations that provide the overwhelming majority of jobs in the United States. Each occupational profile discusses what workers in that occupation do, their work environment, the typical education and training needed to enter the occupation, pay, and the job outlook for the occupation. Each profile is in a standard format that makes it easy to compare occupations. The Ebook is available in Epub and Pdf. Indicate the format you prefer when ordering.

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Job Description– This handbook will afford anyone the ability to write a good job description for any career or occupation.

Career Counselor– The handbook serves as a guide to any career advisor to help guide anyone on the right career path to choose. The guide provides tools and various career options that can be use to counsel students and job seekers alike.

  • Customizable Employee Handbook for Small Businesses and HR Department: Added Feature- Employee Orientation Checklist.

Every organization needs an in house rule that will guide the behavior of all who are employed therein. This EBook has already set the template for small business owners and HR professional to develop their own employee handbook. We have also gone ahead to include new hire orientation checklist- to help HR professionals as well as businesses -streamline the HR processes that create an enabling environment for every new hire. The digital doc files enable you to print your handbook after you have customized the template to suit your organizations need.

This EBook is customized with all the relevant policies an employee policy manual should contain such as: Non-Discrimination, Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality, New Employee Orientation, Probationary Period for New Employees, Office Hours, Lunch Periods, Break Periods, Personnel Files, Personnel Data Changes, Inclement Weather/Emergency Closings, Performance Review and Planning Sessions, Outside Employment/Conflict of Interest, Employee Discipline, Employment Termination, Workplace Safety, Health Related Issues, Employee Requiring Medical Attention, Building Security, Insurance on Personal Effects, Supplies; Expenditures; Obligating the Company Expense Reimbursement, Parking, Visitors in the Workplace, Immigration Law Compliance and lots more.

  • EEO-1 Filing Made EasyA Complete Step By Step Guide

A practical guide with illustrations on how to complete EEO-1 Report. This guide teaches and shows the A-z of EEO-1 filling process. The Ebook is in pdf format with Illustrations.