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10 Health Savings Account HSA Facts You Need to Know

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10 Health Savings Account HSA Facts You Need to Know

by Editorial Staff

Sep 24 ,2013 10:46 am

Despite changes from health reform, 45 percent of people in the United States still get their health benefits from their employer, according to a recent Gallup Poll. And fall is the busiest time of year for open enrollment—the time of year when employees get to enroll in benefits that their employers are offering or to make changes to their existing benefit choices. As employers of all sizes are shifting to consumer-directed health plans or account-based plans high-deductible health plans that are paired with a spending account, it’s important that consumers understand the basics of how spending accounts work.

As one of the Top 10 spending account administrators in the country, SelectAccount has been administering spending accounts—including the health savings account HSA—for more than 20 years. To help consumers as they consider the benefits being offered by their employer, SelectAccount offers the following facts about HSAs.

What every health care consumer needs to know about HSAs:

1.    The HSA gives you a triple tax benefit:

        First, HSA contributions reduce the account holder’s taxable income

        Second, money in the HSA earns interest tax-free

        Third, withdrawals are tax-free when used for eligible medical expenses

2.    The account holder decides when and how to spend the HSA dollars.

3.    The account holder can use the HSA to pay for eligible expenses that aren’t covered by their health plan – like deductibles, coinsurance, dental care, orthodontia, and vision care.

4.    There is no “use it or lose it.” This means that money not used in one year rolls over and is added to the HSA balance for the next year.

5.    The individual and/or their employer can contribute to the HSA in a given year.

6.    The HSA works with a high-deductible health plan, whether you purchase health insurance on your own or if you receive coverage through your employer.

7.    The account holder has fast, easy access to their HSA dollars, especially if they have access to an HSA debit card or online reimbursements with direct deposit.

8.    Account holders can manage their account dollars, as they wish. SelectAccount offers a dedicated Online Member Service Center that allows members to manage their account online, anytime—even from their mobile device.

9.    A portion of unused HSA dollars can be invested in a variety of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds (feature not available from all account administrators).

10.    The money in the HSA belongs to the individual, even if they change jobs or retire.

Array ( [0] => 38 ) The nation’s health is improving in more than half of the critical measures that are known to have major influence in reducing preventable disease and death, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Healthy People 2020 represent the nation’s current 10-year goals and objectives for health promotion and disease prevention. Twenty-six specific measures—in categories such ... A survey released by Buck Consultants, A Xerox Company NYSE: XRX, found a significant increase across the globe in the use of cash-based long-term incentives LTI as part of employee compensation programs. For example, since 2012 cash LTI awards increased from nine percent to 18 percent in Canada, six percent to 18 percent in the UK, seven percent to 18 ... The U.S. Department of Labor seeks public comments on a proposed rule that would require pension plan service providers to furnish employers and other plan fiduciaries with a guide to assist them in navigating fee disclosure documents. Assistant Secretary of Labor for Employee Benefits Security Phyllis C. Borzi said, “The department’s recent fee disclosure rules were a good first step ... A new study from Unum once again confirms the important correlation between effective benefits communication and heightened employee engagement levels. The study, Beyond the Usual Benefits, which builds upon five years of research, offers useful guidance to employers engaged in communications planning for 2014 benefits open enrollment and confirms previous third party research, which recognized heightened job performance levels found ... Enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace continued to rise in February to a five-month total of 4.2 million. As in January, the percent of young adults who selected a Marketplace plan was 3 percentage points higher than it was from October through December 27 percent versus 24 percent.  Based on enrollment patterns in other health care programs, it is expected ... The goal of health care reform is health care for all… but at what cost? By 2015, businesses with 100 or more full-time or full-time equivalent FTE employees will be at risk for financial penalties the so-called “employer shared responsibility assessments” if they do not offer health coverage to full-time employees.  The same fate follows in 2016 for large employers ... In the State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama said, “Let’s do more to help Americans save for retirement. Today, most workers don’t have a pension. A Social Security check often isn’t enough on its own. And while the stock market has doubled over the last five years, that doesn’t help folks who don’t have 401(k). That’s why … ... Enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace continued to rise in January, with a 53 percent increase in overall enrollment over the prior three month reporting period, with young adult enrollment outpacing all other age groups combined, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced. Nearly 3.3 million people enrolled in the Health Insurance Marketplace plans by Feb. 1, 2014 the end of the ... The Department of Health and Human Services HHS has released a new report that show that nearly 8 in 10 uninsured Latinos may qualify for Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program CHIP,  or lower costs on monthly premiums through the Health Insurance Marketplace.  If all states took advantage of new opportunities to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, ... As part of an ongoing effort to empower patients to be informed partners with their health care providers, the Department of Health and Human Services HHS has taken action to give patients or a person designated by the patient a means of direct access to the patient’s completed laboratory test reports. “The right to access personal health information is a ... The onset of health care reform has caused many employers to think about the long-term effects of continuing to offer health coverage. Will they offer health coverage in the future and, if so, for how long?  Which workers will continue to receive coverage? Workers Have More Options for Health Coverage Previous findings from Paul Fronstin, Ph.D., of the Employee Benefit Research ... Following an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division, Lange Trucking Inc. has restored 1,979,779 in 401(k) pension benefits to 515 drivers working on U.S. Postal Service contracts. The company was cited for Violating McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act. The company, along with its President, William A. Langenhuizen; Vice President, William H. Langenhuizen; Secretary Treasurer, Antoinette Langenhuizen; ... The U.S. Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Treasury proposed rules that would adjust regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 regarding excepted benefits to include employee assistance programs EAPs. The proposed rules would also provide added options for employees and employers in connection with the Affordable Care Act. “This proposal would give employers ... Doctors, hospitals and other health care providers have formed 123 new Accountable Care Organizations ACOs in Medicare, providing approximately 1.5 million more Medicare beneficiaries with access to high-quality coordinated care across the United States, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced. Doctors, hospitals and health care providers establish ACOs in order to work together to provide higher-quality coordinated care ... Employees who contribute to health savings accounts HSAs generally become more engaged in managing their health after enrolling, according to a survey conducted by Buck Consultants, A Xerox Company NYSE: XRX. For example, 51 percent of respondents set aside more money for potential medical costs than before they had HSAs. Twenty-nine percent have more discussions with their doctors about the ... Employers faced with rising costs and a difficult economy is looking to voluntary benefit programs to round out their employee plan designs. With offerings like critical illness and accident plans, voluntary benefit programs can provide the longer term financial security that’s missing from traditional employee group benefit programs. In reducing benefits and increasing co-pays, the C-suite, in their quest to ... The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation released advance informational copies of the 2013 Form 5500 annual return/report and related instructions.  Modifications to the Form 5500 and Form 5500-SF and their schedules and instructions for plan year 2013 are described under “Changes to Note” in the 2013 instructions, ... According to a new report released by the Department of Health and Human Services, six out of ten 4.2 million uninsured African Americans who may be eligible for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace might qualify for Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program CHIP, or tax credits to help with the cost of premiums.  If all states took advantage of ... “The size of our survey, with nearly 11,000 employers responding, allows our clients to benchmark their plans based upon plan type, region, employee size and industry category more accurately than any other survey available, and gives them the best opportunity to see how their plan stacks up against competitors’ plans and so they can better understand and communicate the value ... RightOpt, the private health insurance exchange from Buck Consultants, A Xerox Company NYSE: XRX, is servicing more than 400,000 active participants during the fall open enrollment period.    Since it became available earlier this year, employers using RightOpt include Arby’s Restaurant Group, Bob Evans Farms, Church & Dwight Co., Inc., Domino’s Pizza, Ovation Brands, and Buck’s parent company Xerox. RightOpt, designed ... Lockton compliance alert in its new white paper says that New Mental Health-Substance Abuse Parity Rules will apply by 2015.  Lockton states: It’s a simple goal: Make health plan benefits for one group of conditions at least as generous as the plan’s benefits for other conditions. That’s what the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity ... The Internal Revenue Service IRS issued final regulations that provide much-needed guidance for employers that sponsor 401(k) plans with safe harbor non-elective contribution features e.g., a minimum 3 percent company non-elective contribution that is fully vested at all times. The regulations permit an employer that incurs a substantial business hardship to suspend or reduce the safe harbor non-elective contributions rather ... The U.S. division of Sun Life Financial Inc. NYSE: SLF, TSX: SLF announced a major commitment to preventing diabetes and its complications through a national public awareness initiative designed to inform Americans of the risk factors and health consequences associated with the disease. This commitment by Sun Life U.S. is part of Sun Life Financial’s efforts to prevent diabetes and ... For nearly 30 years, the IRS’ “use -or-lose” rule has forced health flexible spending arrangement FSA participants to forfeit their unused balances. In 2005, the IRS put a dent in the use – or – lose rule by allowing employers to adopt a 2.5 – month or shorter “grace” period after the end of a year during which participants could ... According to cognitive behavioral change expert and founder of SelfHelpWorks, Lou Ryan, corporate wellness programs need to shift their focus from teaching people to change unhealthy eating behaviors to helping them change the ‘hidden’ cognitive response mechanism that causes those behaviors. A 36% chronic obesity rate in our country and two decades of failure at getting people to eat better ... Results from the United Benefit Advisors UBA 2013 Health Plan Survey, the nation’s largest health plan benchmarking survey, show drastic differences in employee health benefits cost and plan design across multiple regions of the United States. The size of UBA’s survey, with nearly 11,000 employers responding, allows employers to benchmark their plans based upon plan type, region, employee size and ... “Under Obamacare, obtaining health insurance as we know it has dramatically changed. When key parts of the healthcare act take effect in 2014, there will be a new way to buy health insurance; the Health Insurance Marketplace,” began Bill Hallberg, Chief Enrollment Officer, ACA Marketplace Enrollment Solutions. Before enrolling in a plan, it is important for consumers to understand the ... Myth: The Affordable Care Act will cause people to lose their jobs. Not true: Although the Great Recession ended in June 2009, the U.S. workforce continued to lose an average of 147,000 jobs a month until March 2010, the same month in which the ACA was signed into law, and the month in which the nation started adding jobs. Between ... The Health Insurance Marketplace is open! Individuals can now enroll in a health insurance plan that covers essential benefits, pre-existing conditions, and preventive services. Start Shopping Here Most people who apply for coverage will qualify for lower costs of some kind in the Marketplace. 4 things you can do before you apply     Find out how the Marketplace works.     ... Despite changes from health reform, 45 percent of people in the United States still get their health benefits from their employer, according to a recent Gallup Poll. And fall is the busiest time of year for open enrollment—the time of year when employees get to enroll in benefits that their employers are offering or to make changes to their existing ... Myth: The health insurance marketplace won’t be ready to open on Oct. 1. Not true: Starting Oct. 1, people and businesses will be able to enroll for coverage that will begin Jan. 1, 2014. And it’s already possible to research and compare options by visiting or calling 1-800-318-2596. The Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP, is also on ... When key parts of the health care law take effect in 2014, there will be a new way to buy health insurance: the Health Insurance Marketplace. To assist you as you evaluate options for you and your family, this notice provides some basic information about the new Marketplace and employment­ based health coverage offered by your employer. What is the ... Myth: Employers who don’t notify employees about the Affordable Care Act’s new marketplace will be fined $100 per day. Not true: Companies covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act should provide written notice to their employees about the health insurance marketplace by Oct. 1, 2013, but there is no fine or penalty under the law for failing to provide such ... Myth: Because of the Affordable Care Act, employers are cutting employees’ hours. Not true: While there are more part-time workers today than there were a decade ago, the trend of businesses hiring more part-time workers has been in evidence since 2007, years before the ACA was even introduced on Capitol Hill. A Center for Economic and Policy Research study observed ... Performance pH, in conjunction with the Wellness Council of America WELCOA, released a white paper examining the shared components of high performance cultures, including data around engagement, impact of strategies on bottom lines, and the importance of leadership accountability and well-rounded metrics. The white paper, Optimizing Business Performance: Building a High Performance Culture provides a model for optimizing business performance ... The IRS has launched a new Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions website at to educate individuals and businesses on how the health care law may affect them. The new home page has three sections, which explain the tax benefits and responsibilities for individuals and families, employers, and other organizations, with links and information for each group. The site provides information about ... Health and Human Services HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Young Invincibles announced the Healthy Young America video contest in an effort to inform young people about health insurance coverage and new options under the Affordable Care Act.  People can submit entries and vote for their favorite videos at Secretary Sebelius said, “Health insurance is out of reach for millions ... More than 21 million people are getting health care at nearly 9,000 community health center sites in every state and territory. They include people like Jeanne Michie, who moved from Illinois to Arizona with her husband due to his health issues. In the move, she had to quit her job, leaving her without insurance, even though she required monthly medications. ... The moving professionals at Coleman American Moving Services have recently released their new moving checklist for household moving on their website – It features everything from basic moving needs to specifics for your family. “The Ultimate Pre-Move Checklist: 10 Steps to a Stellar Family Move” is the title of this list of moving necessities. It states that it provides ... New research, published in Health Affairs, from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology ONC show that health information exchanges HIE between hospitals and other providers jumped 41 percent between 2008 and 2012. The research – authored by National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Farzad Mostashari, M.D., and ONC researchers – indicates that six in 10 hospitals ...