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10 Health Savings Account HSA Facts You Need to Know

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10 Health Savings Account HSA Facts You Need to Know

by Editorial Staff

Sep 24 ,2013 10:46 am

Despite changes from health reform, 45 percent of people in the United States still get their health benefits from their employer, according to a recent Gallup Poll. And fall is the busiest time of year for open enrollment—the time of year when employees get to enroll in benefits that their employers are offering or to make changes to their existing benefit choices. As employers of all sizes are shifting to consumer-directed health plans or account-based plans high-deductible health plans that are paired with a spending account, it’s important that consumers understand the basics of how spending accounts work.

As one of the Top 10 spending account administrators in the country, SelectAccount has been administering spending accounts—including the health savings account HSA—for more than 20 years. To help consumers as they consider the benefits being offered by their employer, SelectAccount offers the following facts about HSAs.

What every health care consumer needs to know about HSAs:

1.    The HSA gives you a triple tax benefit:

        First, HSA contributions reduce the account holder’s taxable income

        Second, money in the HSA earns interest tax-free

        Third, withdrawals are tax-free when used for eligible medical expenses

2.    The account holder decides when and how to spend the HSA dollars.

3.    The account holder can use the HSA to pay for eligible expenses that aren’t covered by their health plan – like deductibles, coinsurance, dental care, orthodontia, and vision care.

4.    There is no “use it or lose it.” This means that money not used in one year rolls over and is added to the HSA balance for the next year.

5.    The individual and/or their employer can contribute to the HSA in a given year.

6.    The HSA works with a high-deductible health plan, whether you purchase health insurance on your own or if you receive coverage through your employer.

7.    The account holder has fast, easy access to their HSA dollars, especially if they have access to an HSA debit card or online reimbursements with direct deposit.

8.    Account holders can manage their account dollars, as they wish. SelectAccount offers a dedicated Online Member Service Center that allows members to manage their account online, anytime—even from their mobile device.

9.    A portion of unused HSA dollars can be invested in a variety of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds (feature not available from all account administrators).

10.    The money in the HSA belongs to the individual, even if they change jobs or retire.

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Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell has announced that next year’s standard Medicare Part B monthly premium and deductible will remain the same as the last two years. Medicare Part B covers physicians’ services, outpatient hospital services, certain home health services, durable medical equipment, and other items.  For the approximately 49 million Americans enrolled in Medicare Part B, ... The Internal Revenue Service today urged taxpayers whose tax-filing extension runs out on Oct. 15 to double check their returns for often-overlooked tax benefits and then file their returns electronically using IRS e-file or the Free File system. More than a quarter of the nearly 13 million taxpayers who requested an automatic six-month extension this year have yet to file. ... The Department of Homeland Security DHS will allow up to 13,999 nonimmigrants for fiscal year FY 2015 for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands CNMI-Only Transitional Worker CW-1 program. 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A report released today by the Department of Health and Human Services projects that hospitals will save $5.7 billion this year in uncompensated care costs because of the Affordable Care Act, with states that have expanded Medicaid seeing about 74 percent of the total savings nationally compared to states that have not expanded Medicaid. For over a decade prior to ... A report released by the Department of Health and Human Services shows that consumers will have more choices as they shop for quality, affordable coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2015, because there will be a net 25 percent increase in the number of issuers offering Marketplace coverage in 2015.  In total, 77 new issuers will offer Marketplace coverage. ... The U.S. Department of Labor published a final rule that reduces reporting requirements for federal contractors and subcontractors who hire and employ veterans under provisions of the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974. “Over the next decade, this change will result in a significant reduction in paperwork burden for federal contractors and subcontractors,” said Assistant Secretary of Labor ... Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell has announced nearly $212 million in grant awards to all 50 states and the District of Columbia to support programs aimed at preventing chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  Funded in part by the Affordable Care Act, the awards will strengthen state and local programs aimed at fighting these ... Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced has $99 million to train new mental health providers, help teachers and others recognize mental health issues in youth and connect them to help, and increase access to mental health services for young people. These funds were included in the President and Vice President’s Now Is the Time plan to reduce ... Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell has released a new report showing that in 2013 alone, consumers benefitted from $1 billion in savings from lower than originally requested health insurance rates.  This includes $290 million in savings for individuals and families, and $703 million in savings for small employers.  Combined with refunds consumers received because of the 80/20 ... The U.S. Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau and Employment and Training Administration today awarded $500,000 to assist the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Montana and Rhode Island in funding feasibility studies on paid leave. The studies will inform the development or implementation of paid family and medical leave programs at the state level. “Too many working families today can’t afford to ...