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Six Steps to Successful Veterans Hiring

Six Steps to Successful Veterans Hiring

by Editorial Staff

Oct 31 ,2011 1:15 am

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, ODEP has simplified Veterans hiring process with the Veteran Hiring Toolkits. This resource breaks the process into six simple steps highlighted below.

  1. Design a strategy for your Veteran Hiring Initiative
    • Become familiar with the benefit of hiring transitioning Service Members, Veterans and wounded warriors
    • Learn about tax incentives associated with hiring of Veterans as well as disable Veterans
    • Plan for results: Start with the basic
  2. Create a welcoming and educated workplace for an easy Military to Civilian Transition
  • Develop an understanding of military culture and experience
  • Established your company and its job application process as Veteran-friendly
  • Learn the facts about hiring Veterans with invisible wounds of war. Demystifying Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,  PTSD in the workplace

3.       Actively recruit Veterans and Military Spouses

  • Determine employment opportunities and create detailed job descriptions
  • Consider using military language in your outreach and job descriptions
  • Consider alternative to full-time employment, such as work experiences, internships and apprenticeships
  • Access credible resources to help you look for qualified Veterans and wounded warriors who are seeking employment
  • Know what you can and should not ask during an interview

4.      Hire qualified Veterans and learn to accommodate Wounded Warriors

  • Create a culturally sensitive new hire orientation plan
  • Understand your responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA
  • Consider disclosure concerns
  • Know where to obtain free, one-on-one guidance on job accommodation

5.        Promote an inclusive workplace to retain Veterans employees

  • Place a value on military service
  • Expand traditional Employees Assistance Programs, EAPs
  • Develop and promote peer mentorships in the workplace- Vet to Vet
  • Practical Veterans appreciation and promote a Veteran-friendly workplace
  • Recognize that military families may have different needs than civilian families
  • Consider participating in local Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Programs
  • Understand your responsibilities under Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, USERRA

6.        keep helpful tools and resources at your fingertips

  • Keeping informed via social networking and e-news
  • Resources on recruiting, hiring and retaining Veterans
  • Answer to common employer questions about Veterans and disability employment


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